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Nikelman® 230 Classic


Nikelman® 230 Classic is designed for high quality overprints, in both – UV technology and with alcohol-based and water-based inks. This solution let us choose the kind of ink, adapted for overprinting requirements, and thus significantly reduce working cost.

Nikelman® 230 Classic can print with up to 6 colors on both sides of material width up to 100mm. In case of wider materials – up to 250mm – there is a possibility to print 6 colors on first side of material and 2 colors on second side of material.

Nikelman® 230 Classic can also print 2 separate casing rolls at one time (1-sided overprints), and thanks to this, double working productivity.

Nikelman® 230 Classic can print in non-stop mode (without necessity to stop the machine for changing the casing roll), thanks to unit for sticking the casing on the unwinder.

Nikelman® 230 Classic enables making overprints on different type of materials width up to 250mm (films, casing, shrinkable materials, paper).

Nikelman® 230 Classic gives possibility to view and correct working parameters, thanks to servicing the machine over the Internet.


Parametry Nikelman® 230 Classic
Central cylinder diameter 1250 mm
Diameter of the reverse printing cylinder 400 mm
Printing length from 260 mm to 400 mm
Format pitch 5 mm
Thickness of printing form – matrix 1,7 mm
Thickness of the double-side adhesive tape 0,38 mm
Diameter of the format roller’s core for the format sleeves (sleeve) 70,144 or 92,426. Depends on the chosen printing length
Printing width (max) for configuration 5+1 to 6+2 230 mm
Casing width (max) 240 mm
Printing width (max) for  configuration 6+6 2 x 110 mm
Casing width (max) for configuration 6+6 2 x 115 mm
Diameter of printing roller on the unwinder (max) 650 mm
Maximal printing speed* up to 150 m/min

*Printing Speed depends on quantity of printed colors, complexity of the printed pattern and type of inks.


printing on different types of material

possibility to print with two drying systems on one machine (UV and alcohol-based inks)

accurate fitting of overprints on first and second side of material

turnbar system (without stopping the machine)

non-stop printing - sticking printed web in the end of roll (without stopping the machine)

remote service - view and correction of working parameteres over the Internet

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