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Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat

Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat is high quality shirring machine with four shirring heads, placed on one planetary shirring head.
Thanks to automatization of the whole process of shirring and packing the casing into net, you gain warranty of repetitivness of shirring – for example constant length of casing sticks.

Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat can shirr sausage casing in the range of cal.30-90mm in automatic mode – after putting the casing roll on unwinder, the operator takes a box with shirred and packed casing.

Operating Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat does not require to have big experience. In machine’s memory we can save parameters and adjustments, which can be used in case of shirring similar product again.

Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat gives possibility to view and correct working parameters, thanks to servicing the machine over the Internet.

Technical data Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat:

General information
Shirring technology Planetary with 4 blade shirring heads
Operation mode* Automatic- shirring and packing the ready stick into the net
Shirring efficiency (max)** Up to 6000 m/h
Information regarding shirred casing
Casing calibers range*** 30 mm – 90 mm
Material type polyamide shrinkable casing, collagen, cellulose
Inner diameter of bobbin with casing ф76,2 mm (3”)
Max. diameter of casing roll ф76,2 mm (3”) ф76,2 mm (3”) ф76,2 mm (3”)
Shirred casing parameters
Stick length to 500 mm
Quantity of meteres per 1 stick **** to 50 m
Power supply
Supply voltage 400 V, 50 Hz
Installed power 11 kW
Air pressure 6 bar
Pressed air consumption to 180 l/min

* Automatic mode – after buying the option for automatic packing the sticks into net with clipping
** Depends on type of casing and quantity of casing in a roll, quantity of shirred meters of casing per one stick
*** After buying additional equipment
**** Depends on type and thickness of the casing


possibility to save shirring parameters for specific order in machine’s memory

automation of the whole process of casing shirring and packing into net

outer greasing the casing to make the shirring process easier

accurate and repetitive regulation of sticks length

accurate cutting off the shirred casing

accurately shirred casing

quick and easy changing caliber of casing to be shirred

possibility to view and correct working parameters over the Internet

Nikelman® SGP-90 Automat

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