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Nikelman® PO 180

Nikelman® PO-180 is designed for rewinding different types of material with maximum width of 280mm (caliber 180) – for example collagen, cellulose, polyamide casings.

Main functions of Nikelman® PO-180:

  • possibility to capture mistakes/ misprints on printed material, thanks to equipment with videocamera and monitor,
  • possibility to cut off a piece of material, on which the operator founds defect or misprints, thanks to convenient table for cutting off the samples,
  • possibility to improve winding quality, thanks to web guiding device.


Parametry Nikelman® PO 180
Diameter of rewinded casings  (max.)* Ø 180
Casing material Polyamide, collagen, cellulose
Casing core internal diameter 650 mm
Diameter of the humidified roll 76,2 mm
Humidification speed** to 150 m/min

* For proper rewinding of little diameter casing (less than cal.35) web guiding device must be installed.

** Speed depends on type, diameter and quality of the material.


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