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Nikelman® NO 180


Nikelman® NO-180 is designed for soaking the casing in water of chemical solution with possibility to regulate pressing force for removing liquid excess.

Nikelman® NO-180 makes it possible to humidificate material with maximum diameter 180mm. Nikelman® NO-180 is equipped with system to keep constant rewinding speed and system to keep constant tension power. The built-in meter counter makes it possible to check the amount of material on the roll before dispatching to a Customer.

Humidification parameters
The range of moist casings Ø 35-180
Casing material Polyamide, collagen, cellulose
Casing core internal diameter 650 mm
Diameter of the humidified roll 76,2 mm
Humidification speed* to 150 m/min
Type of humidification solution water / water with additives

* Speed depends on type, diameter and quality of the material


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