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Nikelman® NPO 180


Nikelman® NPO 180 is designed for casing humidificatin before shirring process (for example collagen casing) and to casing rewinding (to improve quality of casing winding on a roll, to cut-off defective piece of material or quality control of overprint made on the casing).

Nikelman® NPO 180 humidificates and rewinds material with maximum diameter of 180mm. Depending on material type, there is a possibility to regulate the quantity of humidification liquid and select the source of liquid – from a container, in which we can prepare solution or pure water from the network.

Nikelman® NPO 180 keeps constant speed of rewinding with regulation, it has also system for tension stabilization with regulated tension power. Besides, it’s also equipped with a meter counter of rewinded material, which makes it possible to check the amount of material on the roll before dispatching to a Customer.

Nikelman® NPO 180 can also be equipped with web guiding device for even rewinding the casing on the roll. There is also a possibility to install a videocamera for view overprints quality on rewinded casing. Additional function of changing rewinding direction let the operator get back to defected piece of material for cutting it off in the shortest time. Device Nikelman NPO 180 can also be equipped with perforator with regulated diameter of holes.

Humidification and rewinding parameters
The range of moist and rewinded casings Ø 35-180
Casing material Polyamide, collagen, cellulose
Casing core internal diameter 650mm
Diameter of the humidified roll Mex. 76,2 mm
Humidification/ Rewinding speed * do 150 m/min
Type of humidification solution water
Tank capacity for moistening solution** 120 liters

* Humidification speed depends on the type,  diameter and quality of rewinding of the casing rolls.

** Water supply water/solution from the tank as an option


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