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Nikelman® 230 Sausage Print


Nikelman® 230 Sausage Print is designed mainly for printing on hot dog casing with very high speed – up to 250m/min.

Nikelman® 230 Sausage Print makes overprints up to 4 colors on both sides of material with alcohol-based and water-based inks.

The machine can also print 2 separate casing rolls at one time (1-sided overprints), and thanks to this, double working productivity.

Nikelman® 230 Sausage Print can print in non-stop mode (without necessity to stop the machine for changing the casing roll), thanks to unit for sticking the casing on the unwinder.

After choosing additional equipment, Nikelman® 230 Sausage Print can also print on wider materials – up to width 250mm (for example sausage casings)

Nikelman® 230 Sausage Print gives possibility to view and correct working parameters, thanks to servicing the machine over the Internet.


Parametry Nikelman® 230 SausagePrint
Central cylinder diameter 600 mm
Printing length 260- 400 mm
Printed material hot-dog (frankfurter) casing, sausage casing
Printing width (max) 230 mm
Printing width (max) with turnbar system 2 x 100 mm
Casing width (max) 240 mm
Diameter of printing roller on the unwinder (max) 650 mm
Maximal mechanical speed* up to 250 m/min

*Printing speed depends on type of printed material, used inks, volume and lineature of anilox, temperature and humidity in printing house


printing 2 rolls at the same time

printing on hot-dog casing with speed 250 m/min

non-stop printing - sticking printed web in the end of roll (without stopping the machine)

simple overprints on sausage casing

turnbar system (without stopping the machine)

accurate rewinding of a casing after the printing

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