We are building the impossible


What technical and technological solutions are You looking for?

printing up to 8 colors - complicated images in the highest quality

accurate fitting of overprints on first and second side of material

possibility to print with two drying systems on one machine (UV and alcohol-based inks)

changing material color by printing on the whole surface (edge to edge)

printing on different types of material

turnbar system (without stopping the machine)

remote service - view and correction of working parameteres over the Internet

labels cutting directly after printing

printing 2 rolls at the same time

non-stop printing - sticking printed web in the end of roll (without stopping the machine)

automatic reports after working shift with summary about machine’s work

simple overprints on sausage casing

accurate rewinding of a casing after the printing

possibility to save parameters and adjustments for specific orders in machine’s memory

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