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Nikelman® 6R-32


Nikelman® 6R-32 is designed for shirring hot dog casing in caliber range 17 to 32mm.

Shirring is made in schneck technology, which do not require using netting for packing the casing and ensures non-stop shirring.

Nikelman® 6R-32 ensures individual adjustment for effective and proper shirring of diffferent types of casings (for example polyamide, collagen casing) thanks to possibility of saving shirring parameters in machine’s memory. This helps to quick exchange of shirring sets in case of shirring different casing calibers.

Nikelman 6R-32 gives possibility to view and correct working parameters, thanks to servicing the machine over the Internet.


General characteristics of the machine
Shirring head type Screw (schneck)
Operation mode Automatic / manual
Mechanical speed * Up to 160 m/min.
Characteristics of shirred casing
Casing width range 27 mm – 50 mm
Material Poliamide, cellulose, collagen
Diameter of unwinder roll ф76,2 mm (3”)
Max. diameter of casing roll 650 mm
Parameters of shirred casing
Stick lenght** from 200 mm to 320 mm
Length of a casing in a shirred stick*** 20-40 m
Changeover time
Semi-automatic device for final shaping of shirred sticks changing time Approx. 25 min.
Shirring set changing time Approx. 20-25 min.

* Working speed of shirring depends on casing type, thickness of casing, quality of casing and shirring parameters.
** Shirred sticks with needed length can be achieved only if using a device for drying and forming the sticks. (Option 2D in Optional equipment)
*** Can be limited, depending on used shirring set, casing type, quality of casing and shirring parameters.


possibility to save shirring parameters for specific order in machine’s memory

outer greasing the casing to make the shirring process easier

accurate and repetitive regulation of sticks length

accurate cutting off the shirred casing

quick and easy changing caliber of casing to be shirred

possibility to view and correct working parameters over the Internet

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